Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Most of the habits, patterns and beliefs that we have today were developed from our younger selves and carried with us over time.  They weren’t developed consciously, they were essentially downloaded from events happening around us at the time, our parents, and from other people.

We didn’t have choice as to what beliefs were given to us, or what events were happening around us.  Unfortunately, many of those beliefs, patterns and experiences were negative and have limited us in our adult life.

Today, as adults, we have choice over what beliefs, patterns and habits we want to keep or discard, and we have choice over the meanings we give our past experiences.

Overcoming limiting beliefs and difficult events from your past is something that Cognitive Hypnotherapy is especially powerful at helping with.  It’s a modern approach that combines the most effective elements of NLP, Gestalt, Evolutionary and Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to create positive change quickly and permanently.

We are each of us unique and the way in which we experience our problem is specific to each of us. The flexibility of Cognitive Hypnotherapy allows me to change the way you experience the world and redefine deep rooted and long held beliefs that are no use to you. Empowering you with the knowledge that you can change the way you think and get on with having fun being you.

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