What They Say, My Client Success Stories

Having moved to a new, very different role in the company where I work and feeling very much out of my comfort zone, I suffered great anxiety and self-doubt – an alarming experience. Hypnosis had never worked for me before, but Donna immediately put me at my ease and the treatment, which included a series of audio downloads, worked wonders. She also recommended several books which have helped too. My job continues to challenge me, but I now face it in a positive and optimistic frame of mind. Donna has helped to change my outlook not only on my present life, but the future too.
JT. Workplace Issues

  “I must admit I was always apprehensive about hypnotherapy. However, I was at a stage when I knew it was something I needed try.  A close relative recommended a session with Donna. I am really glad that I did as it gave me a totally different perspective on hypnotherapy. I felt relaxed and safe. Donna’s approach and expertise was engaging and reassuring. She had a friend than a therapist approach which put me at ease. I came away from the sessions feeling much lighter and optimistic about the challenge I was facing. The symptoms I was experiencing seem to have lifted and a path had been cleared. I definitely recommend sessions with Donna for areas in life where a helping hand is required. I now know where to go in the future. Happy days!! :).”
GA. Confidence and Anxiety

“Donna was patient and understanding from the start. Through her insightful guidance, I have made changes in my life that has made all the difference. I am so grateful to her for helping me to become empowered and in charge of my own life.”
BT. Motivation and Empowerment

“Donna soon put my mind at ease with her kind and professional manner – we sat and talked and worked out a personal timeline so for the first time I was able to acknowledge not only why I started smoking but why I continued to smoke many years later. Donna applied this information to my personalised hypnotherapy and I left her session knowing, for the first time, that I would never smoke again. That was a whole year ago, and not only have I not smoked in that time I still know I never will – Donna’s hard work, listening skills and individually tailored approach meant I was, and will continue to be able to say, I am a NON-SMOKER’.”
PA. Smoking Cessation

“Donna and her hypnotherapy has really helped me and my family. My kids love Coco and so do I now. Without Donnas help I couldn’t of done this. I cannot thank Donna enough she has changed my life. If I ever need any sort of hypnotherapy done I will definitely be contacting Donna and I would highly recommend her. The best thing is what better example to set my kids than that of nothing is impossible and tackle your fears head on. I needed help and I got it from Donna. I am now a different person.”
SP. Fear and Phobia